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Travelling with Pets, Jet Park Hotels

Posted By: Bob Kerridge - 13 Jun, 2019

Holidaying with your pets can be rewarding for the 'whole' family!

Travelling with animals

Have you ever tried to sneak away for a quiet holiday on your own, without your animals? Impossible! Animals have an inbuilt sixth sense that knows what you’re up to. As soon as the suitcase comes out of the closet, and is half packed, the cat will miraculously appear to settle in the remaining half, making the completion of the packing task virtually impossible. The cat is simply reserving its space in your bag for the trip.

One cannot blame our animals for this erratic behaviour as they are, after all, one of the family, and do not deserve to be left out when there are family excursions to be had!

Fortunately, as active sponsors of the SPCA, our good friends at Jet Park Hotels know and understand animals, and have made special provisions for them, and you, to holiday happily together. Introducing ‘pet stay rooms’- Complete with tiled floors, comfortable pet beds blankets, and yummy food to provide your animals with all the comforts of home, to which they are of course accustomed.

Holiday together at Jet Park and they won’t even miss you!

Article written by Bob Kerridge

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